Privacy policy

Privacy policy

In order to safeguard and respect the privacy of the Users for the portal  , all personal data entered  in the Portal or processed with relation to its operation are subject to protection  pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29th  August 1997  ( unified text: Journal of Laws from 2014, item 1182, as amended) as well as the Act dated 18th  July 2002 on Providing the Services  in an  Electronic Manner , as amended. The collection of personal data is regarded as a  separated database which is stored of the Portal’s server within a special safety zone with limited accessing.  The access to personal data is granted exclusively to: the  Portal’s Owner and the Administrator.

Data processing

Following the operations of the Portal  , its Owner and Administrator collect and store the Users’ personal data in the form of a Portal Users’ database.  Individual data of the Users are entered  into the database during registration by means of the registration form placed in the Portal.

All the aforementioned personal data sent to the Portal   are regarded by the Owner and the Administrator as submitted voluntarily, pursuant to article 23 clause 1 point 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act.  Neither the Owner nor the Administrator shall be held liable for any  damage sustained   due to having been provided false or incomplete data by any of the Users.

The manner in which  the data obtained from the Portal Users are utilised

By granting the consent for their personal data to be processed, a User agrees for the information provided, including their email address,  to  be collected and stored by the Portal Owner and Administrator for marketing and commercial purposes, market researching , running research on  the Users’ behaviours and preferences. The outcomes of such ones shall serve for improving the quality of the services provided by the Portal  , in line with the Act on Providing Services in an Electronic Manner dated 18th July 2002 ( Journal of Laws from 2002, number 144, item 1204). The data entered during the registration shall be disclosed to the Event’s Sponsors and Partners.

Electronic data

The Owner and the Administrator collect the information on the usage of various subpages in the Portal   by the Users based on the analysis of access logs and IP addresses; The Portal   processes the aforementioned information for technical and statistical purposes.

In order to adjust the contents of the Portal to the needs of the Users , the so called Cookie files are used. Cookies are text information saved  by the server    on a User’s computer which can be read by the Portal server any time a User gets connected from a given computer.  Information contained by the Cookie files is to be used by the Owner and the Administrator to monitor the Users’ traffic in the Portal.  A User is entitled to deactivate the option to accept the Cookie files in their browser at any time. This will not bring about any difficulties in using the Portal whatsoever.


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