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Expo 2022 in Lodz?

Have you heard that Poland and city of Lodz are competing for being a host of a great event, which is EXPO International 2022? It is the biggest cyclical organized worldwide exhibition, where cultural, science and technical achievements of nations are presented. On 23rd May 2016 in Pałac Lubomirskich in Warsaw there was held a meeting about the project and its chances and benefits for business. The discussion was led by Hanna Zdanowska, Krzysztof Witkowski, Waldemar Olbryk, Andrzej Walczak and Dariusz Lis.

Festival of Design Thinking in Lodz

Festival of Design Thinking Lodz 2016.

Walk your clients shoes, observe, ask, argue, try. These are some of important rules which we heard and practiced in multidisciplinary teams during one of workshops at the Lodz 2016 Festival of Design Thinking. During session called “Design meets business” we were learning how to find the most interesting solutions for business and how to design items, which are truly needed by clients.  As design thinking is close to our hearts, we are looking forward to next edition of this awesome event in Lodz next year!

ABSL Conference 2016

Annual ABSL Conference : 28-29 June 2016 Poland

InnoMentors joined 7th Annual  ABSL (Assosiation of Business Service Leaders) Conference as it was the most expected event of modern business services in Middle-East Europe. Katowice was a perfect host as city that transformed itself into a city filled with art and culture it was the perfect scenery fitting ideally with the conference’s motto: “Transforming Ourselves. Changing the World”. Among so many great speakers there was also Dariusz Lis, Managing Partner InnoMentors who gave a presentation about how IT organizations could leverage Design Thinking in services and core R&D development. It was a great dose of knowledge about methods of Design Thinking and why and how companies could applied it to gain competitive advantage.


ABSL 2016 - scena

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