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Our Agile article in annual “Business Services Sector” report

Business Services Sector in Poland 2017 - Annual Report

It is a pleasure to announce that article about Agile (“How to be Agile in a Waterfall organization?”) written by  Dariusz Lis, (Managing Parter InnoMentors) was published in ABSL Annual Report about Business Services Sector in Poland 2017.

Annual Report presents changes and current state of the sector of Business Services in Poland thanks to companies who participated in annual industry-wide survey. You can find detailed analysis in the context of IT Directors, Polands’ role in the global services industry, labor market and salaries, as well as trends, challenges and ideas for growth.

Our article “How to be Agile in a Waterfall organization?” is the combination of guidance & insights based on the real cases iterated during the workshops we conducted with the IT leaders representing dozens of the largest ITO, captive Software Centers and IT outsourcing companies.   Most of them are also members of Association of Service Business Leaders that published the report.

In summary, Agile article briefly covers several topics, such as:

  • Circumstances when Agile approach is the right fit,
  • How to pick the right people and what constitutes good Product Owner,
  • What makes team extremely valuable,
  • Emergn’s Value, Flow, Quality end-to-end iterative delivery model that we recommend – as one of the models that helps to tackle multiple agile methodologies in a single framework.

As every year, the ABSL Conference saw the premiere of the newest ABSL report: Business Services Sector in Poland. The online version is available for downloading in ABSL Publications.
Below you can find some highlights from the report:

  • Poland is no 1 in Europe and no 5 worldwide in nearshore and offshore outsourcing
  • 244,000 people employed in the sector
  • 1078 centers operate in Poland, including 748 foreign ones
  • 80 Fortune Global 500 investors are present in Poland
  • 9% of employees are foreigners
  • 47 centers employ over 1,000 people

All data for Q1 2017.

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